The Impossible

Have you ever come across some sort of sorcery? Or even watched a real magician show? At first, it practically seems almost impossible how the magician could perform the illusion. It may seem miraculous. But at times, once the show has come to its end, the magician may reveal his magic, this so-called miracle. The performances are showcased and adjusted to the human eye. Or either conceived through another method that doesn’t please God, perhaps violating the ordinary course of nature and will come with unfortunate consequences.

The miracles Jesus performs are far more than just a magician show. Neither are they, a so-called magic trick or come with a bad ending… Therefore, His miracles are supernaturally unpredictable and only performed through the power of God and always lead to a positive ending.

Jesus tells us we need to know who holds the real power. God is worth the marvel and is the only with the real power to perform real miracles. So don’t doubt your miracle because someone said it’s impossible. It might be for them, but God wants you to know that with Him all things are possible.

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