Heavens Way Organization is a Christian non-profit dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We inspire and encourage women to find who God created them to be while gaining a deeper relationship with Jesus. Through free resources, prayer groups, Bible studies, wellness events & speaking events. Our goal is to nurture a healthy value system to empower lives all around the world.

Raquel's Life Coaching

Raquel also offers Wellness & Life Coaching Services to help others achieve balance. Specializing in Mental Health to come alongside clients from trauma to recovery to help overcome obstacles. In her coaching, she also uses Christian principles and coaches from a Biblical perspective.

About Raquel

Hello! I welcome you to learn more about me. I’m Raquel Perez, owner and founder of Heaven’s Way Organization, author, writer, speaker, and mental health & wellness Life Coach. I’m a wife and mother. My educational background is focused on psychology. Most importantly, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ.

I must share I wasn’t always a Christian faith believer. I didn’t believe that God would allow such cruelty in the world. Ultimately, the truth was, I lacked the knowledge of the truth of knowing who Jesus was. Before crashing and going underneath an 18-wheeler – I had seconds to react. I was left with only one option, and that was to cry out for help. So, I did! I cried out for the Almighty’s help. Before that day, I was an atheist, just lost in this enormous world. Going about my day and assuming I had everything under control. The last thing on my mind was Jesus. After given a second chance, which was indeed a miracle, my life developed from falling apart to falling right into place. This produced my research for humanity. And also inhibited me in expanding my knowledge for Jesus. Soon enough, I immensely developed a passion for helping others also to guide their steps to recover and find purpose. The shift, despite all everything else I was taught, it did not compare to the wisdom that only Jesus provides. Significantly, I grew in every area of my life. I commenced helping others in their walks of living in a meaningful way. The exceptional ability to see and walk a clear path with my clients as we overcome their obstacles together is a great blessing. I was encouraged to pursue and enter this field as Christian Life Coach with a mental health background, for precisely this purpose – to guide, motivate, and encourage others in their walks of life to find what true meaning beyond what they have gone through.

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